Towards Precision Toxicology

A new scientific approach

The EU aims to promote alternative methods to animal testing. EU-funded PrecisionTox proposes ‘precision toxicology’, a novel scientific approach establishing causation between chemicals and their adverse health effects. The project focuses on human cell lines and a diverse suite of biomedical model organisms, i.e. fruit flies, water fleas, round worms and embryos of zebrafish and frogs, which share many genes with humans by evolution. These 3Rs compliant, cost-effective testing models enable the mapping of origins of toxicity pathways on the branches of the animal evolutionary tree to predict health risks to humans. By providing data where the toxicity of substances is unknown, PrecisionTox will ultimately translate into regulatory and industrial practices that better protect human health and the environment.

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Pillars of the project


Replace traditional animal testing with an evolutionarily diverse suite of biomedical model organisms from multiple branches of the tree of life.

Variation in

Determine safe levels of exposure to chemicals based on genetic variation.


Collaborate with regulators and other key stakeholders in project planning, selection of chemicals for investigation, and case studies for applying Precision Toxicology in policy and law.

News & Press

June 28, 2024 in News

PrecisionTox consortium gathered for a successful Annual Consortium Meeting in Brussels

Leading scientists from Europe and North America convened in Brussels in June to chart a future for chemical safety testing that prioritizes ethics, accuracy, and efficiency. The…
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June 18, 2024 in News, Publications

“Revolutionizing Chemical Safety: PrecisionTox Leads the Change” Press Release

Press release: "Revolutionizing Chemical Safety: PrecisionTox Leads the Change"   The PrecisionTox consortium held its third annual meeting in Brussels on June 13-14. The gathering…
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June 10, 2024 in News, Publications

The PrecisionTox Annual Consortium Meeting is happening this week in Brussels, Belgium!

We are meeting on June 13th & 14th for two action-packed days focused on advancing chemical safety assessment to safeguard human health and the environment.   …
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